Kahramanmaraş Gold and Jewellery Centre Project

The project is carried out within the scope of the Competitive Industries Program, financed within the framework of financial cooperation of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The Competitive Sectors Program aims to ensure social and economic development by increasing the competitiveness of SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Kahramanmaraş has a prominent position in the Turkish jewelry production industry.

According to the sector report prepared by the Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Jewelers, there are 4 basic needs in the jewelry sector which are:

  • Support in the fields of design and modeling,
  • Innovative product development based on research,
  • A high-tech laboratory,
  • Improving the institutional capacities of SMEs.

The Gold and Jewelery Center has been established in Kahramanmaraş with this project that is going to be carried out to meet these needs. There will be two main sections within the facility, a 3-dimensional modeling and design unit and a gemology laboratory.

In addition to design, modeling, business development and marketing services, gold and jewelery valuation service will also be offered at the facility under accredited and high-tech laboratory conditions.

With the project, it is expected an increase in the added value of production in the field of jewelry, and an improvement in the capacity and international competitiveness of SMEs operating in this field.

The Project consists of 2 components:

  • Establishment of the Center’s Service Infrastructure and Support to the Accreditation of the Center’s Analysis and Test Laboratory (Component A)
  • Development and Delivery of SME Capacity Building Services (Component B)

 (Eurecna S.p.A.)

In consortium with:

Friuli Innovazione Centro di Ricerca e Trasferimento Tecnologico s.c.a.r.l.

T2I – Trasferimento Tecnologico e Innovazione s.c.a.r.l

Project Management Team:

Senior Representative of End Recipient
Hacı Mustafa Öz (KCJ)

Operation Coordination Unit: Director
İbrahim Başar Saydam (DOĞAKA)

Operation Coordination Unit: Member
Hakan Özger (KSU)

Operation Coordination Unit: Member
Gökhan Ceyhan (KSU)

Technical Assistance Team:

Key Expert – Team Leader
Massimo Forlani

Office Manager
Nergis Uluçay

Office Assistant
Zeynep Değirmenci

Business Development Expert
Yunus Yetkin

Jewelry Foreign Trade & Marketing Expert
Zeynep İyiler

Jewelry Foreign Trade & Marketing Expert
Pietro Tibaldeschi

Communication & Campaigning Expert
Nihal Togo

Precious Metal & Stones Design Expert
Alessandra Cherchi

Expert for Test Laboratory Accreditation
Özlem Yalçın

Project Manager
Serena Francovig

Legal Representative
Yalçın İsbir

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